Face Masks Now Available Online

Face Masks Melbourne and New South Wales

Reusable Hand Made Face Masks Now Available


Our beautiful reusable masks are custom made by our in house seamstresses. We make them according to the Department of Human and Health services guidelines with 3 layers with water resistant fabric on the outside, fabric blends in the middle and cotton as the inner lining so that they are water absorbing yet still breathable. They are safe, fit beautifully, look amazing, completely reusable and have been sanitised! We have ones for kids also. Stock is available or orders can be placed at all 3 of our stores or conveniently online.

The government in Victoria and now even New South wales are making masks mandatory when going outside your home. At leastnow, you can do it in style #upyourscovid.

Floral pattern face masks for COVID-19
Designer Face Masks OnlineReusable face masks meeting DHHS guidelines
Blue and white cross-bone pattern reusable face masks
Face Mask StylesChoose from many different designs

Our team are working around the clock to help keep the community safe


Only $20 each for Ladies, Gents and Kids – now made to order. Click here to order yours today: Reusable Face Masks made in Melbourne

All masks are proudly hand crafted in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  The team are busily making additional masks as quickly as possible to keep our community safe.

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