Why go to a Dry Cleaners? Why not just clean your Dry Clean only garments at home?

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You may ask yourself why not just try and clean my Dry Clean only or delicate garments at home? Well, there are many reasons why your local Dry Cleaner is a better option to ensure they are cared for properly. The main reason why you should consider a reputable Dry Cleaner for these and other daily items is because of the results they can achieve over an attempt at home – that may end in disaster. Trying to clean delicate or dry clean only items in a domestic machine can often end in tears. This is even more important to consider for cleaning such as Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning, Leather & Fur Dry Cleaning and Silk Dry Cleaning – it is highly recommended that these items be taken to a specialist Dry Cleaner.

How do reputable Dry Cleaners achieve such fantastic results? The two main reasons for this is firstly in the hundreds of thousands of dollars of commercial equipment they have invested in. Secondly its in the years of skill and experience built up to ensure your precious garments are cleaned and then pressed/finished correctly. The commercial pressing and tensioning equipment used in a quality Dry Cleaner will ensure your clothes are put back to their like new shape through pressing. Additionally, the high pressure steam is used in combination with spotting techniques to remove stubborn stains that couldn’t otherwise be removed at home. Applying the right spotting technique and steam is critical to ensuring the stain is removed while not damaging the garment’s fabric.

A good dry cleaner will take your garments through a 3-step process to ensure the best possible outcome. These steps include 1. Spot clean and initial clean 2. Followed by a further inspection and confirmation to ensure the stains have been removed to a best possible result 3. Final pressing and tensioning are completed to bring the garments back to near new. An additional step that a good dry cleaner will provide is garment repairs of your clothes and the removal of any excess threads.
The team at Laundry Box are pleased to offer customers an industry leading and customer service focused Dry Cleaning service. Laundry box are dry to dry chemical free cleaning specialists who take great pride in the quality outcome of all dry-cleaning items. You can visit them at: www.laundrybox.com.au or visit one of the stores in Port Melbourne, Elwood or Williamstown.

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