Pram, Stroller & Baby Car Seat or Capsule Cleaning

Stroller Cleaning

Is there any point in cleaning your pram, stroller and baby car seat or Capsule?

There is absolutely every reason to have your pram, stroller or baby car seat cleaned yourself or by a professional company that provide pram or baby car seat cleaning.  Prams and baby car seats or capsules can often be hand me downs from friends or family and over years.  Regular use can build up a good amount of food, dirt and other nasty stains and even worse bacteria from years of use and feeding.  Furthermore, if you have chosen to purchase a second-hand pram, stroller and baby car seat or capsule from a site like eBay or Gumtree, it is strongly recommended that the pram has a good solid clean before use by your little important bundle of job.  For those trying to sell a pram, stroller or baby car seat on eBay or Gumtree then chances are you will have a better chance of selling the pram or baby car seat for a higher price if you can advertised it has having been professionally cleaned.

When discussing any pram, stroller or baby car seat that is not new it is fair to say that for the health and well-being of your child that you should have your pram and baby car seat professionally cleaned.  There are a variety of Pram, stroller and baby car seat cleaning service options out in the market.  You can attempt this yourself at home but when choosing a professional cleaner, try to choose one that uses non-toxic can be a better option for your new born or child for obvious reasons.  Professional pram & baby car seat cleaners have the skills, experience and expertise to pull the pram & baby car seats or capsules apart and give it a thorough clean.  This thorough cleaning process enables the removal of most, if not all the stains and importantly any nasty bacteria.  Many prams, strollers & baby car seats have a variety of pockets and pouches that can be storing grounds for old food, stains and therefore bacteria.

Once cleaned and brought back to life the pram, stroller or baby car seat can continue to be used by a toddler or your next child or alternatively given to a close friend or family who can re-use the essential items.  It is recommended that if any of these baby and childhood essentials have been placed in storage or not used for some time, they are given a thorough clean to remove that bacteria while also smartening up the look before re-use.

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The Laundry Box team in Port Melbourne are pleased to offer customers a natural (no-toxic chemicals) Pram & Baby Car Seat or Capsules Cleaning Services.  You can visit them at: or give them a call on 03-9077-5682 to arrange a free van pickup from most Melbourne inner suburbs.

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