Time to Spring Clean those Floor Rugs

Rug Cleaning Service

Spring is a great time to freshen up those less regularly cleaned items including floor rugs, doonas and pillows.  Especially those homes with pets, its important to give your floor rugs a good clean at least every 12 months.  Fortunately, Melbourne and other cities there are lots of floor rug cleaning options available.

Floor rugs can provide the perfect place for germs and nasty smells to hide.  Those homes with cats and dogs often find their loved pets like to territory mark on the rugs.  It’s important to have these cleaned as soon as possible after any incident to deter the pet from peeing there as a habit.  The challenge with cleaning your floor rugs yourself at home is they are often bulky and heavy so trying to cleaned effectively and hygienically is both challenging and time consuming.  Further, what you need to be cautious of with expensive rugs is what they are made of to which determines how they need to be effectively and safely cleaned.  Speak to your local dry cleaner or a carpet cleaning specialist for more advice on the best method to have your rugs cleaned.  Another option is you could head to your local Bunnings and hire a carpet cleaning machine however unless you are cleaning all the carpets in your house then this may not be very cost effective.   Your local dry cleaner may be a better option and hopefully have the right commercial rug cleaning machinery to hygienically clean your floor rugs.

Some advantages of regularly cleaning your often-expensive rugs include an increase the life expectancy of your rugs while reducing potential allergy attacks for your loved ones.  Further, having your rugs cleaned regularly will reduce the chance for smell, mould build up, bacteria, dust mites and fleas.  Those households with pets should consider having your floor rugs cleaned even more regularly (such as 6 months) as pets are known to carry dust mites and if not regularly treated fleas, which can make a comfy home in your rugs.

The team at Laundry Box are pleased to offer customers environmentally friendly rug cleaning service, utilising the latest dry to dry cleaning and finishing technologies bringing your favourite rugs back to life.  Laundry box are floor rug cleaning specialists so call or email to arrange your pick up or drop off your rug anytime between Monday and Sunday- as we are open everyday! You can visit them at: www.laundrybox.com.au or give them a call on 03-9077-5682 to discuss your floor rug cleaning needs.

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