Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

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Choosing where to take your precious Wedding Dress for cleaning and preservation is always a nervous choice and decision for couples.  Brides are best to research the list of available dry cleaners while checking their wedding dress cleaning service reviews and social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to see how many Wedding Dresses and gowns they actually clean.  It is important to choose a dry cleaner that has the necessary experience with that matches the amount of silk and level of beading & embellishment on your dress.  Some dresses that have heavy beading and embellishment may be damaged during the traditional chemical dry-cleaning process.  Additionally, and importantly depending on the dresses stains, choosing a dry cleaner that is confident at removing stains such as dirt, mud, red wine, cake and oil stains is imperative.  If your dress has these stains, its important to get the dress to a reputable wedding dress dry cleaner as soon as possible to avoid stain set in.

The second choice is whether you choose to have your dress preserved for years to come.  This process involves the boxing and sealing of your dress to avoid contact with the elements of nature.  Why is this important?  Well, wedding dresses if not preserved will quickly age and turn yellow over the years.  To avoid this occurrence, couples should consider box preservation which includes the use of sealed boxes and fills such as acid free paper.  Most of these boxes include a viewing window so the dress can still be shown to family and friends without exposing them to excess sunlight and oxygen.  If you have let your dress sit for many years, then still take it to a good dry cleaner and you may be surprised how many of the stains and yellowing that can be removed even after a long-period.

A good dry cleaner will take couples through a 3-step process to ensure the best possible outcome.  These steps include 1. Spot clean and initial clean 2. Inspection and confirmation the couple are happy with the clean 3. Final boxing and preservation ready for collection.  An additional step that a good cleaner will provide is garment repairs of your dress and the removal of any excess threads.

Other services that a reputable wedding dress dry cleaner can offer, include wedding dress shoe cleaning and tuxedo cleaning.

The team at Laundry Box are pleased to offer customers a First-Class Wedding Dress Cleaning and preservation service.  You can even have your shoes cleaned and your partner’s suit dry cleaned at the same time.  Laundry box are dry to dry cleaning and wedding dress preservation specialists so call or email to arrange your Wedding Dress preservation anytime between Monday and Sunday- as we are open every day! You can visit the Laundry Box team at: or give us a call on 03-9077-5682 to discuss your wedding dress or dry cleaner requirements.

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