What is Sustainable Fashion and why should i get onboard?

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Sustainable fashion refers to the way clothes are made but more importantly to the way we consume them.  To explain further, there is a growing trend among consumers who are interested and concerned about what their clothes are made from and how they consume them. 

What a great way to do your bit for the environment by getting on board with this booming trend. There is a growing number of eco-friendly consumers who want to know that the clothes they choose to buy are made from eco-friendly sustainable fibre crops.  Why is this important to them?  Well, consumers in Australia are concerned more than ever about their environment and doing their little bits to ensure we have, and their kids have a future.

The second component of sustainable fashion refers to the recycling of clothes rather than simply always buying new.  Many consumers of clothes are looking to second shops to source clothes that either fit perfectly or may require some relatively simple alterations to fit a particular body shape.  Additionally, there is a growing trend of people who have had a body shape change that are choosing to visit a local alterations outlet to have clothes in their existing wardrobe professionally altered rather than simply going out and buying new things.  Why is this important to them?  Well, research is showing that again modern-day consumers are more concerned about waste and therefore are trending toward having clothing items that they already own altered before rushing out to buy new ones.  In turn, they feel they are doing their bit and saving on waste while helping the environment. 

Next time you’re thinking about buying a new outfit due to a body shape change, maybe first check the clothes in your wardrobe to see if there is anything that can be altered.  If you visit the right professional alterations location, you might just be surprised at the result and fall in love with that dress, coat, suit, shirt, jeans, shorts, t-shirt or blouse that you thought you would never wear again.  Visit the right alterations locations and they will have the skills to move seams in and even out depending on the way our body shapes change.  Here’s to doing our bit for sustainable fashion!

The team at Laundry Box are pleased to offer Sustainable Fashion Customers a best of breed alterations service.  Whether your garments need to move in, out, up or down we have a solution.  Visit one of the convenient onsite alterations stores in Port Melbourne, Elwood or Williamstown.

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